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In Zambia, there are many impoverished young mothers who are jailed for   5 years+  with hard labour for shoplifting or fighting back against domestic abuse. When they are arrested, their young children come with  them to  jail, and their older children are abandoned in the street. The children in prison are not provided with any necessities, including formula, nappies or education. The mothers are not provided with basic items eg blankets, soap, sanitary pads or medications.


Full Life Zambia’s pilot project is in Luanshyna, north Zambia with plans to expand to other cities by 2026. (we have already been offered land by councils in Lusaka and Ndola).

The project is multi- pronged

  1. Provide education on child development and nutrition to mothers with young children in prisons

  2. Create a playgroup at our compound and take children from prison to the playground 2x week to learn and to have hot showers, food,  access  to books, music and a playground  

  3. Liaise with local government and prison authorities to reduce women’s sentences for minor crimes eg stealing food.

  4. Provide a quality, free education for the abandoned children in  the community

  5. Teach adults and children health initiatives  including HIV prevention and management  

  6. Provide  qualified counsellors  for the many children who have been sexually abused

  7.  Train prisoners and newly released women in crafts and sewing that will help them support themselves and tach them how to grow food

  8. Education in community against early marriages, sexual coercion  and Hep C transmission

 Full Life Zambia, has  achieved  so much in 2023!

We went from a 2 room dirt floor lean to on flooded low land, to a larger  building with  cement floor and walls on higher land. ( 10 ha of land  was donated by chiefs- the materials donated by Australians),


The compound now consists of 3 classrooms, a nursery with cots, a kitchen and toilets with a septic tank. There are now 65 children cared for and educated by our staff. Children and most adults are currently sleeping on the floors together due to lack of room and furniture.


 All staff are volunteers ( except the teachers are paid when we can) and only sleep around 4-5 hours a night due to  the numerous children with autism or other disabilities or severe trauma they now care for.


As on December 2023, we have finally obtained water filter so will no longer need to boil all  water. We have also just bought a 9 seat car to transport children from prison to the playgroup.


Goals for 2024 include

  • A new  large bedroom  and toilets for the older boys

  • separate bedroom and office for staff

  • Mattresses and blankets for all persons living there ( very cold in winter)

  • Desks , chairs  and books for the classrooms

  • An industrial washing machine and dryer ( currently handwashing)

  • A fridge, freezer and stove ( currently cooking in a large pot over fire- which is hard as it rains 6 months a year)

  • More teachers and another nurse/counsellor

  • Wheelchairs for disabled students

  • Solar panels and generator as electricity is unreliable

  • Purchase of Goats, pigs, chickens and animal shelters to improve self sufficiency  and increase  local income/decrease reliance on donations  for basic monthly essentials ( formula, nappies, corn meal)

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Our new  multi purpose buildings are going up! These will house the 10-13 year old boys, a sewing room, a garage and 2 toilets and 2 showers. We are not an orphanage, but even asa community dvelopment centre,at times we have children who have been seriously  abused brought to us until we can find safe relatives  for them to live with. For the teenagers, we have found a good boarding school that will take them at low cost. While at our centre, all children receive therapy from trained  counsellors and are taught sexual safety and  respect so they do not repeat the  trauma to the next generation. 

April 2024

boys room multipurpose building.jpeg

Volunteers are getting ready the chicken run, clearing out mud from the rains and spraying it for lice and mites. We currently we have 10 hens but would like to have 200 as we have over 120 people at the foundation, this would provide enough  eggs for 1 a week  per person and to give to mums and babies in prison and to sell to cover the cost of chicken feed. However that number of hens will require more coops and some chick brooder rooms with heating lamps and water containers.

March 2024

preparing chicken run 2024.jpeg

This month Samantha and her team bought and planted many  fruit trees- avocadoes, mango, lemon, pomegranate and bananas. These trees will eventually privde both food and money.

February 2024

We finally have  a car and a water filter for the compound! The 9 seater car  will be  able to:
- take children from prison to our play   group
-transport sick people  and new /expectant mothers to and from hospital
-move our livestock to market
-allow us to buy in bulk and move furniture
-tranport  our nurses to the community for vaccinations and health checks
-allow staff to visit other prisons further away ( they are currently walking 2 hours  every time they visit the local one)

December 2023


The local chief donated a pregnant pig. Her piglets will be sold to increase the compound's self sufficiency so they can self fund their monthly cornmeal,formula and nappies.

September   2023 

The Men's prison made beautiful cots for our youngest.  Local staff have decorated the nursery to make it a beautiful space.

August 2023 

Local volunteers have hand made desks for one classroom. The children are so excited!

June 2023

hand made desks.jpg

Classrooms are filled  - most without desks or books

March  2023 

no desks for classroom.jpg

The new building foundation

Jan 2023 

Mapping out our land ready for gardening.

Jan 2020

land developmeny.jpg

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We now have running water! All the community came and saw as we are the only place around here to have this.  Next we want to add in a hot water system so they can shower and wash in winter and a water filter  and stove so they don't have to boil all the water on and outside fire especially with the rainy season.

January 2022


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Putting in a toilet! The girls were so excited. They had never used  a toilet before. Now they don't have to squat outside in the mud!



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septic tank and toilet going in to our shelter in the property - early 2021

June 9, 2019

sewage system 1.jpg
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